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3 Modern Designs Used in Hotel Rooms

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As technology continues to advance, hotels have kept up with new trends and innovations. New hotel rooms are being designed with modern features that add comfort and productivity during your stay. The usual elements of a bed, table, and couch are being replaced with seamless, luxurious options. All the components of new hotel rooms work together to provide a uniform theme as soon as you walk in. From bed designs to lighting fixtures, each component of the hotel room plays a key role in providing comfort.

Here are some new features being incorporated into modern hotel room designs.

1. Connectivity

Hotels are realising that a large portion of guests travel for business purposes. This means that they need a hub for digital devices to charge and connect to the internet. In response to this need, modern hotel rooms are adding connectivity to each room. It's no longer rare to find hotel rooms with full Wi-Fi access (whether paid or free) and multiple charging ports (both with USB and sockets). You no longer have to worry about carrying a power strip or multiple adapters in your luggage. Furthermore, guests travelling for leisure have cameras, mobile phones, tablets, and laptops that they will often use. The connectivity feature in new hotel rooms is useful for both business and leisure.

2. Furniture arranged for comfort and productivity

The way furniture is arranged in your room will determine comfort and productivity during your stay. Modern design features consider the size and shape of each room when adding furniture. Rather than having the bed pushed up against a wall, the new design trend is to angle beds for more space. Accompanied by an appropriate headboard, the angled bed design makes each room unique and more exciting. In addition, an angled bed creates distinct zones within the room. A TV, couch, and desk can be positioned within each zone for comfort and utility. This arrangement essentially turns your room from a single open space into a mini-apartment. It allows you to work, enjoy room service, or watch TV in different sections of the same room.

3. Advanced lighting options

In a hotel room, proper lighting can make a big difference. The modern design trend is to include natural lighting options within each room. Rather than clogging the windows with heavy curtains that block light, large open windows are becoming the norm. Large windows provide a clear view of the outside and allow natural light to come in. At night, natural light bulbs provide for a comfortable and productive space.

Whether you're looking for luxurious or cheap accommodations, modern hotels are trying to increase your comfort. Start comparing your options today and start looking for these features before booking a hotel room.