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Solo Female Travellers: How to Choose a Good Motel

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If you're making a business trip and you're travelling alone, then you may plan on staying in a motel. As a solo female traveller, choosing a motel isn't just about picking somewhere that looks nice or that is the right price.

While these things are important, you also need to think about your safety, especially if you're going somewhere you've never been before and will be getting back to your motel room late at night. What do you need to think about?

Where is the Motel?

The location of your motel matters if you're travelling alone. While many motels are in quieter areas, you don't necessarily want to stay somewhere too remote. A motel close to major roads is a good bet. This means you won't have to drive along smaller and darker roads to get back to the motel.

If you'll be walking or taking public transport, then look for a motel close to stations or bus stops. Ideally, you want somewhere that has well-lit pavements and paths so you feel safe walking back to your room.

Are Outside Areas Well Lit?

If you'll be getting back to your room late at night, exterior lighting is important. You don't want to be walking up to your motel in the dark or getting out of your car in an unlit car park. Good motels have car park and security lighting.

Is the Motel Staffed 24/7?

You'll feel safer in a motel if you know there is a member of staff you can go to if there is a problem. Look for motels with staff 24/7 on-site staff.

While larger motels have staff in reception all day and all night, some smaller operations may close reception outside of working hours. This doesn't mean nobody is around, however. Some motel owners and managers live on site and are available if you need them. This is a good option to look for.

Do You Have to Have a Ground Floor Room?

Rooms on the ground floor are more likely to be targeted by intruders. If you can, find a motel with more than one floor. When you call to book your room, ask not to be put on the ground floor. Just moving up to the first floor will make you feel safer.

If you can't find the information you need online, call motels that look good and ask about these points. If staff are friendly and open and you get a good feeling about the place, then you'll know you've found a good motel for your trip. Most motel staff is willing to assist you in arranging special motel accommodations.