Tips For Making A Hotel Feel Like Home

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How to ensure your motel rooms are are the perfect fit for your trip

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After a long day driving, the last thing you want to be doing is desperately hunting for somewhere to spend the night. If you are planning a trip, it always makes sense to plan each stage of the journey in advance so that you can always be sure there is somewhere pleasant to stay for the night. With their direct access to parking and relatively low-cost, motel accommodations are the perfect place to stop whether you are making an extended road trip or just on a weekend break. 

While for some travellers the only thing they need from the motel is a bed for a few hours of sleep, most people look for a few extra luxuries in their motel. Here are the three areas that you should always consider to get the most out of your stay in motel rooms.

What's in the room? 

Motel rooms are rarely exciting, but you should certainly expect them to be a pleasant, comfortable place to relax for a while before you sleep for the night. Before you book-in, it's always worth asking what facilities are on offer for guests. A private bathroom is usual, often with free toiletries, and perhaps a hairdryer. If you are travelling on business or just want to keep in touch, then ask if there is easy access to free WiFi in all the rooms or just certain parts of the motel. While most motel rooms are air-conditioned and will provide a television with access to a range of channels as standard, it's worth checking whether that is the case before you register so that you won't find yourself short of something to do in the evening.

Around the motel

Motels vary both in their size and in the amenities they offer. At some motels, all you will find are rooms and a reception desk. At other motels, you could be pleasantly surprised by the range of facilities on offer. Some motels offer gyms, rooftop swimming pools and even private sundecks, so don't be afraid to ask about the facilities when you book your motel rooms -- you don't want to find out later that you missed out on something great.

What are the motel surroundings?

If you are staying at the motel for more than a few hours, you will probably want to take a look outside rather than spending your time in the surroundings of the motel. Booking a motel with easy access to the beach, or shops and restaurants not only gives you somewhere pleasant to spend your time away from the motel, but it also helps to give you an opportunity to walk for a while and take a break from all the driving you have been doing.